Sili Saddle is a non-penetrative manual vulval stimulator designed specifically for female anatomy. Sili Saddle’s innovative form echoes the growing category of labial/clitoral vibes.

  • Soft, pliant, feels fabulous!
  • Fun for solo and couples play
  • Designed for hands-on pleasure 
  • Great as a bumper pad with strap-ons!!
  • Made from pure, body-safe, medical-grade platinum-cure silicone

Smoother than even the softest of hands, it’s soothing when delicate vulva tissues are recovering from abrasive play, stretching, surgery or dryness​​

A must-have addition to any well-stocked toy chest!

Handcrafted by beaver-loving Canadians.

 ***Watch an online review of the Sili Saddle...

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