Sextender Sleeve Nubbed


Supple, clingy and dramatically textured for lots of toe-curling sensation, the Sextenders Nubbed is a super-effective male enhancer that not only increases thickness, length and overall satisfaction potential, but can also help prevent a too-fast finish.

The Nubbed slips easily and snugly over the shaft, a big roomy tip making for lots of comfort and a thrillingly intense stretch upon penetration. Completely covering the sensitive penis head, the full-coverage nature of this tool can definitely help cut down on over-stimulation, delaying ejaculation.

Safe, hygienic and compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant, the material comprising this great sleeve is virtually maintenance free and very durable. At about 5.5 inches (14cmm) in total, this Sextenders piece stretches to comfortably fit most.