Oxballs Ringer Cockring 3 Pack


Ringer is a thick jelly ring that bloats your meat and pushes your junk up n’ out for a heftier package.

Each ring is tight enough for the perfect amount of squeeze on your goods but still comfortable enough for prolonged jerk-off sessions or hot n’ heavy butt banging.

Unlike normal cheap-o jelly rings, Ringer is thicker, stronger, and more resilient. 

Ringer is one seriously durable fucker…it’s made from our signature FLEX-tpr and stretches up to 5 times its original size (don’t worry, it snaps back to its original shape and dimensions).

Into having your balls handled? Ringer is also great for stretching your sack…stack some on your ballbag and enjoy the tugging sensation on your sweaty nuts.

The Ringer is available in all-black Ringers or the Multi kit includes one red Ringer, one ice-blue Ringer, and one black Ringer.