Maia Jackson Rechargeable Pump

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A classic enhancement tool made fully automatic, easily portable and conveniently rechargeable, Maia’s Jackson Enlargement Pump presents a super-powered, self contained system always ready for on-the-spot prep and play.

Crystal clear and nice and firm, Jackson’s simple pump cylinder allows for a great view, enhancement seekers (and their mates) will be able to track progress as unrelenting suction at three intensities draws blood into the shaft and tip with just a touch of a button. A dedicated quick release button dissolves inner pressure instantly when ready.

In supple silicone, an included entry sleeve slips easily over Jackson’s mouth to cushion and protect skin during use. If a little extra slip is desired, this material along with the ABS plastic comprising the cylinder is safe for use with any great quality water-based lube. Avoid contact with silicone lubes and products. Fully rechargeable via USB. Charge cord included.

The Auto-Vac is 11.5″ (28cm) in total length and 8″ (20cm) in penetrable length

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