LA Pump Portable Electric Hand Pump Package

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NEW! Portable Electric Hand Pump! The pump is easy to use and is designed for one hand use. It is durable but it's NOT suitable for wet use. It has a vacuum level gauge and release valve. It is available in three diameters: 1.75", 2", and 2.25". These cylinders have an amazing seal without awkward rubber gaskets and are more comfortable for better results. The cylinder includes a quick connect/disconnect safety valve that maintains the vacuum after you disconnect the pump. The cylinder is see-through for visual and tactile pleasure, which is also an important part of your pleasure. 

For beginner and advanced users.


  • Custom sized see-though cylinder
  • Electric deluxe pump with pressure guage
  • 2 feet of thick vinyl tubing for maneuverability and comfort
  • All connectors which will allow you to disconnect the pump from the cylinder and retain pressure
  • Pumping instructions and tips are included
  • AC adapter

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