Fuze Silicone Halo Plug

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Fuze Silicone Halo Plug

Every Fuze plug has our unique vibe compatible design. For the ultimate control the base can be used as a finger hole, but for the ultimate experience slide your favourite mini-vibe into the base. The removable vibe sits at 90 degrees in the ring at the base of the toy. The vibe remains outside the body, for external stimulation, whilst vibrations pass along the length of the toy to stimulate the prostate. The iconic design gives the sensations of a vibrating butt plug, and allows the plugs to have a long, slim neck, so they can be used comfortably and securely for a prolonged length of time.

The Halo has a large diameter (1 3/8" x 4") for the more experienced user wanting to enjoy a fuller sensation. The series of rings around the bulb create an interesting effect when the toy is inserted, withdrawn or twisted. Even when you are very naughty your Halo won't slip.

All Fuze plugs have the slim, rounded base with no sharp edges. The angle of the base acts as a firm stop to reduce the chances of the plug being over inserted. However, if it was to accidentally be over inserted, the rounded ring allows it to slip back out again easily, or the ring used to pull it out. Once the vibe is fitted into the base there will no longer be much chance of over insertion.

The Fuze plugs are created using a firmer silicone than the dildos, allowing a slimmer, sleeker and more comfortable neck to the plugs.

*Do not use silicone lube with this product.

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