Get Your Joey Ballsy


Get Your Joey began through a friendship between a trans man and an ally, who are both committed to supporting the trans* population and to creative problem solving.  

What is a Joey? 

After experimenting for a few years cutting holes into socks, Ro knew that there had to be an effective, simple design that didn’t involve hot, uncomfortable straps or expensive specialty underwear.  Together, Ro and Kalyn invented a simple prototype which eventually was perfected into the current Joey. Joeys are meant for simple packers, used for everyday life.  We are working on an STP-friendly version.

Sizing: The Get Your Joey - Ballsy fit packers with balls over 2" in size.

How do I use my Joey? It’s easy! 

  • Turn the pouch inside out.
  • Insert your packer so that it fits comfortably at the bottom and most of it hangs out of the hole
  • Turn it back out
  • Pin the Joey onto any briefs, boxers, swim suit, etc. with the solid panel facing your skin
  • The pin should be attached to the bottom edge of the waistband of your briefs.

Material: Cotton front, Moisture-wicking, anti-microbial tech actionwear (polyester) back. 

Care: Machine wash cold (remove pin). Tumble dry

      *Get Your Joey* is a Canadian company. All products are manufactured in Canada and workers are paid fair wages.