Against Equality: Queer Revolution Not Mere Inclusion

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Against Equality: Queer Revolution Not Mere Inclusion

Edited by Ryan Conrad

When 'rights' go wrong.

  • - Does gay marriage support the right-wing goal of linking access to basic human rights like health care and economic security to an inherently conservative tradition?
  • - Will the ability of queers to fight in wars of imperialism help liberate and empower LGBT people around the world?
  • - Does hate-crime legislation affirm and strengthen historically anti-queer institutions like the police and prisons rather than dismantling them?

The Against Equality collective asks some hard questions. These queer thinkers, writers, and artists are committed to undermining a stunted conception of 'equality.' In this powerful book, they challenge mainstream gay and lesbian struggles for inclusion in elitist and inhumane institutions. More than a critique, Against Equality seeks to reinvigorate the queer political imagination with fantastic possibility!

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: AK Press (April 2014)
ISBN-13: 9781849351843
Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 2.5 x 21.3 cm

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