Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder


Extra large and precision shaped, the Deep Intruder is an internal-geared accessory for use with the Zeus line of electrosex toys. Far-reaching and thrillingly tapered, the Intruder targets inner sweet spots- be they vaginal or anal- with impressive conductivity. Made to perfectly transfer orgasmic waves of electrical stimulation straight to your chosen zone, the Intruder is sleek, slick and curvy enough to accompany you on just about any sexual escapade.

When plugged into one of Zeus' power boxes, the Intruder delivers your choice of current intensity to whichever body part is being stimulated, as any fan of electro play will attest to, the ultra deep, completely unique sensation of stimulation via electricity is not to be missed by any adventurous pleasure seeker.

As with any electronic stimulation device, read instructions, warnings and operation tips carefully to avoid injury or discomfort. The Intruder is a hefty 14 1/2 inches long, 9 inches insertable, and 5 inches around at largest.

*Powerbox sold separately