Vixen Creations VixSkin Colossus Extender


Increase your length and girth with this large 7 inch penis extender from Vixen. Made from ultra-realistic silicone, it looks and feels like the real thing, only bigger! Slide your manhood into the textured sleeve for an instant boost to your length.

With a stretchy ring to support your balls, this extender sleeve stays securely in place during sex for seriously deep, orgasmic penetration for your partner. Allow the silicone to gently warm to body temperature for an even more realistic experience.

Apply water-based lube to the inner and outer surfaces of this silicone sleeve for maximum pleasure and comfort. Do not use silicone lubricant with this product!

Key Features:

  • 7 inch penis extender for an instant boost to your length
  • Large, realistic head for fulfilling sensations for your partner
  • Bulging veins provide additional stimulation
  • Textured inner canal massages your length during wear
  • Premium silicone that's non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • Stretchy ball support
  • Ergonomic design