Traveling the Sun: A Healing Journey in Morocco, Tunisia and Spain

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By Sandra Harper

Sandra Harper's career is finished; her son is dead; she has had majory surgery for cancer. Everything seems out of kilter. Nothing is right with her world. She decides on a whim to go on a journey to the sun-filled lands of the Mediterranean-to places that have no memories. Her traveling companion is a woman she barely knows. As they travel during Ramadan, through Morocco and Tunisia, Harper begins to change as she faces unique adventures and daily challenges. One of the hurdles she encounters results in her spending overnight in a Bedouin tent deep in the Tunisian Sahara. Later, in Spain, she joins two friends in a hilarious stay in a rural village. In the end, this journey to unfamiliar places transforms her.

Traveling the Sun is written with spirit and eloquence. Ever focused on the details of places and characters, Sandra Harper reflects with clarity and compassion on others' lives and her own. Weaving together an insightful glimmer of Muslim and Spanish life with her own moving journey of healing and change, she provides the reader with a book that opens the windows to a wondrous world of hope in chaotic times.

Paperback: 253 pages
Publisher: Hawthorne Publishing (2004)
ISBN-13: 9780973498608
Parcel Dimensions: 21.3 x 14 x 1.8 cm