The Carnivorous Lamb (Little Sister's Classics #9)

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by Agustin Gomez-Arcos (Author) and Sharon G. Feldman (Introduction)

The Carnivorous Lamb is a viciously funny, shocking yet ultimately moving 1975 novel, an allegory of Franco’s Spain, about a young gay man coming of age with a mother who despises him, a father who ignores him, and a brother who loves him. The novel is set in the 1950s, narrated by a 13-year-old who describes himself as a "carnivorous lamb"; an innocent who in truth is anything but. The younger of two sons, he is kept sheltered an home by his overbearing mother until his 13th birthday, and disciplined by his tutor and the family priest so that he may follow the right path to adulthood. But he rebels against those who wish to contain him, and his turbulent rites of passage are veiled responses to a hateful mother, an indifferent father, and the authority of church and state. In this way, the novel is both and incisive family saga and an acerbic political satire.

The Carnivorous Lamb was originally written in French; the English translation was first published in 1984. This edition includes an appendix of reviews and other materials.

Paperback: 288 pgs
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press (September 1 2006)
Dimensions: 14 x 1.7 x 20.3cm

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