Tenga Flip Air


The Tenga Flip series brings us the new Tenga Flip Air. This sleek, light weight toy is sized for average to large men. The Tenga Flip air features a unique, single button, air release switch allowing the user to control air flow in and out. Using a simple button control, the user can create a custom, snug fit or a sensational vacuum. To start, simply open the Tenga Flip Air and drop in some of your favorite Tenga Flip Air lubricant. The side flap allows even application of the lubricant along the shaft. The front flap helps to prevent lubricant leakage. Close the unit. Press the simple, single button control to allow a free flow of air in and out, creating a perfect custom fit after the first few strokes. Release the button to create a strong suction effect. Unique textures inside the Tenga Flip Air provide a variety of stimulation points. The Continuous Orb near the top of the Tenga Flip Air creates multiple, simultaneous stimulation points. The Oval Stud in the middle adds gentle stimulation in and out while the rippled sides gently pet and cling to your shaft. Even the cleaning ease has evolved. The Tenga Flip Air opens on the side for easier access and cleaning. Simply wash with water and a mild soap, slide it onto the cap and let it stand open to dry.