Taste of JO Ultimate Sensual Play Gift Set


A Taste of JO® will offer you everything it promises, and quite possibly more.  It is a balanced sensual sampler that offers a heightened bedroom experience.  It is the perfect teaser to add a little adventure to your next encounter.  This couple’s collection of signature JO products will heighten his performance, and improve her pleasure through providing everything needed for a naughty night.

Liquid JO® Elixir Potion for HER and for HIM

  • The Women’s elixir provides a relaxing, soothing sensation that has been described as the after effect of a glass of wine.
  • The Men’s elixir provides a balanced, jitter-free, boost of energy while enhancing blood flow to ensure he brings his best to the table.

JO® Prolonger for HIM and Volt for HER

  • JO® prolonger is designed to lengthen his passionate performance.  It goes on easily, dries quickly, and is completely condom safe.  Designed to provide the bigger, harder, stronger and longer phenomenon.  
  • JO® Volt for HER creates a tingling, vibrating sensation that must be experienced to be described.  Designed by women, for women, to increase arousal and offer a satisfying sensation that can last up to 45 minutes.

JO® H2O Water-Based Lubricant

  • The JO® H2O line features a pure plant source glycerin, which naturally offers a positive taste.  The silky-smooth body, amazing longevity and ability to break down instantly in water make this product an easy edition to most bedside tables or travel-bags.

JO® All-In-One Massage Glide (warming)

  • The JO® premium all-in-one glide offers every experience possible, which encompasses the uses of: a massage glide, a personal lubricant and a skin/tattoo conditioner.
  • If also works well to condition or polish leather, as well as brighten certain PVC’s or faux leathers.
  • Offers a gentle warming sensation that peaks naturally during intimacy.

JO® H2O Flavored Lube

  • A wonderful assortment of different foil packs in order to try a little of everything.
  • A little goes a long way, with this delicious additive; completely safe for any use imaginable!

Tea Light Candle

  • Make the mood special with the included tea light candle.  If you are feeling saucy a few drops on the skin can be a shocking delight.