Song of the Loon (Little Sister's Classics #2)


by Richard Amory (Author) and Michael Bronski (Introduction)

The most popular gay book of the 1960s, Song of the Loon is a lusty gay frontier romance that tells the story of Ephraim MacIver, a nineteenth-century outdoorsman, and his travels through the American wilderness, where he meets a number of men who share with him stories, wisdom, and intimate encounters. Unique among pulp novels of the time, the gay characters in Song of the Loon are strong and romantically drawn, traits which have earned the book a place in the canon of gay American literature. With an introduction by Michael Bronski.

*Song of the Loon was adapted into a film c.1968-1970*

Paperback: 247 pgs
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press (May 1 2005)
Dimensions: 14 x 1.5 x 20.3cm