S Cuffs Silicone Cuffs


A unique piece of restraint gear in plush silicone, this versatile one-piece cuff set is user friendly enough to suit beginners, but durable and tough enough for even the most seasoned bdsm players, too.

Once wrists are slipped through the subtly stretchy cuffs, the arms and hands become sexily immobilized, preventing any interference, disobedience and, of course, escape.

The super smooth surface of the Silicone Cuffs feel pleasurably velvety against the skin, silicone warms impressively to match body heat, it will naturally take on body heat for an even more fantastic feel and can be heated or cooled more dramatically prior to play, if desired. This premium material won't pull at body hair, it's also ultra hygienic and safe for sensitive body surfaces.

Once you've wrapped up playtime for the time being, clean-up is incredibly easy, just swish the S Cuffs though some warm soapy water, or wipe down with a good toy cleaner. The cuff openings are a snug 2.25 inches (5.7cm) in diameter and stretch to fit most sized wrists.