Oxballs Stay Puppy Paw Paddle


Naughty pups beware…Oxballs' new aluminum handled paddle with embossed silicone is designed to dole out discipline to devious doggies. Whether it's housetraining or fetch...the Stay Paddle is sure to help you keep your k-9 in line. 

The thick end is made from heavy but squishy silicone that adds some extra oomph to every smack on your ass, nuts, or wherever else your handler deems fit…

The vinyl grip and aircraft aluminum handle not only look sleek n’ sexy but the weight and size feel great restin’ in your paw or whackin’ on a bad puppy.

Train your boy right by turning his cheeks a warm shade of pink or thwackin’ his low hangers til he’s howlin’ and whimperin.’

Much better than a rolled up a newspaper…

Entire Length: 16”/ 40.6 cm (approximate)

Silicone Paw: 3.5” x 4.5”/ 8.9 x 11.4 cm (approximate)