Oxballs Guard Gag Insert


Filler’ up with the funnel style Oxballs Guard Gag . Force your submissive to drink your juices; their mouth will remain open as you deliver the payload. The faceplate and removable tube of the Oxballs Guard Gag are both made from top quality platinum cure silicone material. The faceplate moulds comfortably to the wearer’s face for a stark industrial look.

The main attraction of the Oxballs Guard Gag is the removable hollow, cylindrical gag itself. It is cleverly designed to stuff a sub’s mouth while keeping it just open enough to receive whatever their Dominant deems appropriate. Because the Oxballs Guard Gag is made from body safe and non-porous silicone, bodily fluids are easily washed away. Ring gag beginners will feel slightly more relieved when they feel they can bite down on the gag instead of feeling their mouth held rigidly in place. Biting down may slow down the flow but not by much or for very long!

*NOTE: This gag does not come with a strap, it is meant to be interchangeable with a pre-existing Oxballs Gag.