Neon Fun Cuffs


A bright set of cuffs boasting an extraordinarily sturdy, no-nonsense design in weighty, classic metal, the bdsm connoisseur-worthy Fun Cuffs are ultra versatile, thrillingly hardcore, and certainly escape-proof. From Pipedream's Neon Line, these absolute bondage staples combine breathtakingly well-made construction in classically durable metal with perfectly adjustable sizing and a worry free quick release latch, just in case.

Joined by short length of chain-link, the cuffs effortlessly lock the wrists into position- the hardy chain dramatically restricts movement, particularly if linked through a headboard or the like. Sturdy and just weighty enough, the unique swing mechanism allows for a perfect fit, simply open each cuff by applying downward pressure to the catch at the base, place around the wrists of the playmate in question, and push the mobile end of the cuff in question back into place to close. Two keys are included, which can also be used to unlock and open the cuffs. Fits most.