Instincts Personal Performance


INSTINCTS will first and foremost reduce the stress caused by an inability to perform under pressure, but it will also do much more, increasing your sexual desire and potency to maximum levels.  The combination of alleviating fatigue, improving physical endurance, enhancing libido, and restoring sexual function will make you feel like a teenager again.
But having a strong desire to have sex does you no good if you falter when it is time to perform. INSTINCTS is an excellent choice for men looking to produce strong, hard erections. Multiple studies demonstrate that key ingredients in INSTINCTS are responsible for: sex drive, arousal, vigor, nitric oxide production, cCMP, and a very important compound for restoring a man’s ability to have an erection naturally called vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).  VEGF repairs and improves the function of the blood vessels within the corpus cavernosum, the sponge-like regions of erectile tissue that contain most of the blood in the penis during penile erection.  In 2008, research showed that when nitric oxide production is increased, new smooth muscle cells are made in the corpus cavernosum and VEGF is secreted, restoring normal blood vessel function and the ability to have an erection.