Fetish Fantasy Tickle Strap

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A versatile restraint system specifically designed for teasing tickle play, but working amazingly well in a staggering array of bondage scenarios, the Tickle Strap from Fetish Fantasy is a simple, easy to install strap that puts total control over arm or leg height and position into the hands of the dominant partner.

Attaching to the ceiling or door frame with a few common tools, a secure ring-ended screw holds a long center strap that splits off into two shorter, cuff adorned ends. Once the strap has been threaded through the ring, the 8 inches of adjustable length can be shortened with a tug on the sturdy neoprene handle, which will in turn, life the arms or legs of the trussed-up partner to the desired height. The comfortable cuffs are quickly and easily customized to a snug fit with sturdy velcro.

A mini feather tickler is included, assisting with any type of tickly foreplay. The Tickle Strap is 8 inches in length, and the cuffs fit most wrist and ankle sizes.

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