Empathy (Little Sister's Classics #5)


by Sarah Schulman (Author) and Kevin Killian (Introduction)

Provocative, observant, and daring, this new edition of a novel first published in 1992 is a prescient and shattering book about finding personal truths in an age of cynicism and lies. Anna O. is a loner in New York haunted by a past female lover who refused to acknowledge their relationship; Doc is a post-Freudian psychiatrist who hands out business cards to likely neurotics on street corners, and is himself looking for personal fulfillment. They befriend each other in the netherworld of the Lower East Side, two unlikely people drawn together by their confusion about and empathy for the world around them, and each other. This beautifully written novel is about the fluidity of desire, and how those of us damaged by love can still be transformed by it. 

Includes a new afterword by Sarah Schulman as well as supplementary material about the book, and an introduction written by Kevin Killian.

Paperback: 220 pgs
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press (May 1 2006)
Dimensions: 14 x 1.3 x 20.3cm