Deluxe Vibrating Nipple Pleasure Cups


Borrowing a tried and true method used for decades by massage aficionados, natural therapy practitioners and bdsm players, Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy collection presents the Deluxe Vibrating Nipple Pleasure Cups. Naturally targeting external sweet spots while increasing blood circulation and sensation, these little cups offer tons of pleasurable potential.

Included in the set are two sturdy ABS plastic cups surrounded in soft, supple silicone plus a EZ-Grip trigger handle pump. Designed to be comfortably airtight when placed agasint the skin, each cup features a powerful mini vibe on a flexible silicone strand stretched across the opening. Connect the pump to a Cup and squeeze the trigger- natural pressure will build up within, pulling skin and vibes upward into the cup. Remove the pump (the Cup will stay put) and repeat for the next. Pull up on the little pin built into the top of each cup to let off the suction.

Aside from naturally increasing blood flow and erecting the nipple (or otherwise) area, those little vibes take full advantage of newly sensitized skin- turn them on before pumping begins. Vibes require 2LG54 button cell batteries (sold separately).