Body Boudoir Love In Luxury Pheromone Ambiance & Soy Massage Candle


Body Boudoir Love In Luxury Seduced Pheromone Ambiance and Soy Massage Candles provide the ultimate sensual indulgence in pheromone boudoir ambiance.

Made with natural soy and other skin conditioning oils create an extravagant formula that liquefies into lavish essential oil for body massage. Extravagant alluring fragrances entice the sensual senses.

Each candle is infused with a pheromone sex enhance sex appeal.

Sweet Blush: Sweetly provocative yet seductive in inspiration. A breath of blue violet and aphrodisiac floral petals splash into a blush of powdery white cedar illuminating sweet passion.

Moroccan Fusion: A medley of exotic mangosteen, acai berry & sweet musk, tickled with crisp coconut & red currant...enhanced by a whisper of white lily.