Aropedeevil's Low Temp Erotic Play Candles


Aropedeevil's Low Temp Erotic Play Candles

Our erotic candle line is handcrafted in Canada, made with the same ingredients that you will find in the spa wax used for pedicures and physiotherapy, which means that they melt at a sensual low temperature.

The melting point for our candles is 92-98 degrees Fahrenheit, which is well below the typical skin tolerance for heat, making this product a great choice for exploring sensory play, being creative, and having sex positive adventures with a consenting partner!

*UV Colour Candles glow/sparkle under Ultra-Violet ("black") light!

**The artisans donate 10% of their profits to ASPECC (Alberta Sex Positive Education and Community Centre) - a nonprofit organization that promotes sex positive values and celebrates the diversity of human sexuality.**