Hand Shake Masturbation Cream


Handshake is a long-lasting oil-based cream perfect to beat your meat, yank your plank, practice your wrist aerobics, tame your dragon, work-up a foamy lather, ice the cake, jack the beanstalk, wrestle your demon, whittle your stick, whip the cream, whack your weasel, splatter your shower, polish your helmet, varnish your flagpole, toss your yogurt, tickle your pickle, tend to your own affairs, tame the shrew, wax your paddle, grease your pole, take matters into your own hands, strain the main vein, stir the batter, take some practice shots, stew in your own juices, fly solo, shoot for the moon, scratch the itch, stir the secret sauce, relish your hot dog, pull your own weight, prime the pump, star in a one-man show, spread your mayo, play five-on-one, paint the ceiling, open the flood gates, make instant pudding, liquidate the inventory, let the cat out of the bag, free willy, have it your way, clear your snorkel, charm the snake, blow your own horn, adjust the antenna or release the tadpoles.

*Not condom compatible.