2018 Colt Hairy Chested Calendar


 Images of a man’s hairy chest have defined masculinity for ages.  We here at COLT Studio pride ourselves at being able to present the finest examples of Hairy Chested Men to you each year.  Every year since 1967 we meticulously pour over images, selecting only the ones that live up to the legacy of the COLT Hairy Chested iconic men.  Please find here, 13 glorious, manly examples of Colt Hairy Chested Men for each and every month of the year…  Enjoy!

Cover – COLT Man Tom Chase

Inside Cover – COLT Man Carlo Masi

January – COLT Man Kent Cooper

February – COLT Man Sean Lawrence

March – Tom Wolfe

April – Trent Locke

May – COLT Man Bob Hager

June – Vic Rocco

July – Damien Stone

August – Ty Lebeouf

September – COLT Man Adam Champ

October – COLT Man Gage Weston

November – Parker Williams

December – COLT Man Tom Chase

Calendar Size: 21.59 cm x 27.49 cm (8.5" x 11") - Unfolds to 21.59 cm x 55.88 cm (8.5" x 22")